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Manage up to 11 UN online volunteers that are working on tasks related to online research, system analysis and project design

The Gracious Foundation

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Contexto y objetivos
The Gracious Foundation is a not for profit organization registered in Kenya. It focuses on supporting poor children access education, supporting youth and women empowerment programmes and advocating for public accountability. More information about the foundation can be found on our website The foundation is in the process of engaging up to 11 volunteers to work on tasks related to online research and acquisition of accounting system, designing an information system and developing a project for youth empowerment. To ensure that the volunteers get the support they need to deliver on the tasks, we need a volunteer with management skills to act as the link between the volunteers and the foundation team, to discuss volunteer work plans and deliverables, follow up progress weekly, providing volunteers with feedback and refer any issues/concerns that may affect the collaboration to the Grace Foundation team.
Gestión de voluntarios
Programas de desarrollo, asistencia técnica y gestión de voluntarios
In its 2018-2022 strategic plan, the foundation is aiming to expand its activities geographically (cover more counties in Kenya) and programmatically (introduce new activities). To do this will require additional resources including financial and human. While the foundation is working on a fund raising strategy to bring in more financial resources that will enable acquisition of more human resources, it is harnessing the power of online volunteering to move some of the activities forward. The volunteers will need to be guided and managed in order for them to deliver on the various tasks. The current staff at the GF are constrained and may not sufficiently follow up with the day to day management of the volunteers. The foundation is looking for a mature volunteer with some management experience to help manage the volunteers. The objective is to ensure that the volunteers have all they need to perform the tasks, and also that they are supported to learn as much as possible and develop their skills (especially if they are young people looking to use the volunteer as an opportunity to gain work experience) . The volunteer manager will oversee the day to day work of the volunteers.
Voluntarios: 1 requeridos
6-10 horas por semana/ 16 semanas
Mature, some experience in managing people, comfortable with working with teams remotely, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills; ability to work with people of different ages, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. A person of integrity, patient and able to act as a guide to young volunteers who are learning. Good communicator orally and in writing.

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