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UN-Habitat Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance


The Global Water Operators' Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) is a programme of UN-Habitat and contributes to the agency’s work plan. GWOPA’s vision is that water and sanitation operators help each other to achieve universal access to sustainable water and sanitation services through not-for-profit peer support partnerships. These partnerships result in public operators – the target of support – with strong technical, financial and management capacity, able to provide a sustainable, high-quality service to all. GWOPA’s mission is to promote the effective use of not-for-profit partnerships between water operators to realize its vision. GWOPA will be the global leader in Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) promotion, facilitation and coordination, and the principle source for WOPs knowledge and guidance so that effective WOPs contribute to meeting national and global water and sanitation objectives including those relating to the Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Development Goals and the Human Right to Water. GWOPA's strategy has two objectives: 1) Guiding Global Growth of WOPs: GWOPA’s 2013-2017 strategy is to move to large-scale adoption of WOPs. To achieve this GWOPA will undertake activities in four strategic areas: a. Knowledge Management: developing guidance material for WOPs, global trend analysis on WOPs and utilities, case studies on WOPs and documentation of best practices and lessons learnt. b. Branding of WOPs: creating a clear and meaningful WOPs brand, establishing a global framework for benchmarking and certification of WOPs and establishing clear practices to which water operators can aspire in implementing WOPs. c. Communications: through communications, networking, sharing information and disseminating knowledge products, GWOPA will promote WOPs and utilities. It will lead global coordination and advocacy for WOPs and mobilize greater political prioritization of WOPs. d. Alliance Strengthening: growing the WOPs alliance by partnering with institutions that can influence WOPs and with agencies that will add value to partners’ actions. 2) Strategic Operational Support to WOPs: GWOPA’s second objective is to provide operational support to WOPs implementation in the field. The work will focus on three strategic activity areas: a. Strengthening Regional WOP platforms: strategic support to regional platforms, moving to more performance-related regional support, assisting regional platforms to develop and monitor delivery of regional strategies and, where appropriate, facilitating inter-regional WOPs and transfer of experience. b. Mobilizing Finance for WOPs and helping to leverage significant follow-up investment from financial institutions for operators. c. Direct operational support: Strategic support to select partnerships, especially in geographical or thematic areas requiring particular attention.

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