fbpx Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD Kenya)

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD Kenya)


Our Vision

Empowered Kenyan Youth Driving Enterprise Development

Our Mission

To Empower Kenyan Youth through Targeted Youth-Friendly Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Programs

About Us

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered by the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board of Kenya. We are youth-driven non-profit organization focused on youth entrepreneurial advocacy and serve as agents of economic transformation through promotion of entrepreneurial education, enterprise development, and leadership involvement in Kenya economic agenda.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Impart relevant entrepreneurial and leadership skills and abilities through coaching, training, and mentorship.
  2. Promote youth entrepreneurship through information forums, and mini-workshops on entrepreneurship and leadership development.
  3. Establish and promote linkages between the mentors and mentees, industry stakeholders, and requisite partners in youth entrepreneurship and leadership development.
  4. Promote a philosophy, culture, and mindset in the youth on the social and economic value of entrepreneurial positioning and behavior.
  5. Promote inter-agency partnerships to foster congenial relationships between the government's role in youth enterprise development and YELD activities.
  6. Promote youth advocacy in the areas of leadership inclusion, economic empowerment, and policy development.
  7. Raise, secure, and utilize funds for the attainment of any or all objects of the Organization, and to do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

Otras oportunidades con esta organización

Actualmente esta organización no tiene oportunidades de voluntariado disponibles.