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Community Transformation Foundation Network


Community Transformation Foundation Network (COTFONE) is a community based NGO, legally registered by Uganda under the National NGO Board.


COTFONE was founded in 2003 by community members in Masaka district to support Orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’S), provide solutions towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS and to ensure community self- sustenance through micro-credit services.

A community where Orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’S) and community members are empowered to sustain themselves using their potential.

COTFONE’S Mission:
Commitment to support Orphaned and vulnerable children and empower community members through free formal education and vocational skills; HIV/AIDS prevention and care; and Micro- credit services to ensure community self- sustenance.


1)To support Orphaned and Vulnerable children (OVC’S) through free formal education, vocational skills and other social services.

2)To provide micro- credit services and develop Income Generating Activities with vulnerable community members for the self sustenance of OVC’S and their families.

3)To increase sensitization of HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness, and care for the wellbeing of OVC’S and community members.

4)To promote sexual reproductive health education to the entire community for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and to encourage family planning.

COTFONE’S Approach:

In supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable children (OVC’S) and community members, COTFONE uses a collaborative approach to help these underprivileged groups gain the support and skills they need so they can support themselves. COTFONE’S success so far is due to its location within the community that it serves, which makes it easy to assess community needs and formulate effective solutions.

Registered NGO No. S.5914.7424 & Incorporation No. 106140

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