Social Development International (SODEIT)

OUR MISSION To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful, and sustainable nation state.

OUR VISION To become the largest contributor to Cameroon's economic growth, leading efforts to achieve respectful, generous, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable communities, where the poor and most vulnerable have equal rights, personal integrity, and equal access to social, cultural and economic resources.

OUR OBJECTIVES a. Achieve truly egalitarian, open, transparent, accountable and sustainable communities where every inhabitant has equal opportunities for socio-economic development and prosperity; b. Significantly reduce the vicious cycles of illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and its ills that affect so many societies; c. Improve the standard of living of the poor, marginalized and of the physically challenged, so that they have access to and control of resources, and are able to optimize them within sustainable bounds; d. Provide regular input on all areas of community/national policy development and implementation that have an impact on the poor and most vulnerable population, or that contribute to the promotion of equality or to the elimination of discrimination in communities; e. Create alliances and partnerships with groups and international institutions across the nation and globally who have similar aims and are seeking to offer cooperation and collaboration; f. Foster fruitful coordination of individual and group volunteer activities for the common good of all; g. Promote and develop a voluntary service that operates on national, regional and international levels with the objective of advancing and improving the future; h. Improving and advancing the humanity towards peace, international understanding, friendship, and co-operation among the people of the world, particularly the youth; i. Furthering economic development of Cameroon, in order to strengthen their national independence, and for the establishment of the new international order; j. Benefiting people affected by all forms of social and economic exploitation, unemployment and poor working conditions, and promoting awareness and action against these forms of degradation k. Coordinating fruitful, cooperative activities among SDI members for the benefit of their individual work and common interests on a national , regional, and international level l. Propagating and implementing the aims of voluntary service and its educational impact both on the volunteers and the community in which they work while encouraging mutual understanding, respect, personal responsibility and commitment.

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